Letting rules



Registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014



The hirer shall agree to the following:-

  1. To appoint a key holder who shall be responsible for the safekeeping of the keys of the Hall, for implementing the safety regulations and for ensuring that the Hall is left in a fit condition for subsequent use. The keyholder and a deputy keyholder must be named in advance and addresses and telephone numbers advised to the Letting Secretary in writing. The deputy keyholder must be prepared to assume full responsibilities. The keys must not be entrusted to any other person.
  1. When leaving the Hall at the end of any letting the keyholder must ensure that the lights are extinguished individually and finally from the main switch and that the heating system and gas cooker are turned off. Special attention is to be paid to the lights in the toilets and side passages and to the controls for PA and lighting in the stage side passage. Doors are to be left closed as a precaution against fire. Finally all entrances must be securely locked and the keys returned to the Letting Secretary unless some other arrangement has been made, e.g. returning keys by the Hall letter box or to the care of the Co-op shop.
  1. Normal safety-precautions must be observed. Fire doors are to be kept closed and chairs, other furniture and equipment must not obstruct the emergency exits (including those at the sides and back of the stage). Fire extinguishers must remain in their correct position. The kitchen shall be properly supervised especially when the cooker and urn are in use. Children shall not be allowed either in the kitchen or on the stage and they shall be properly supervised at all times.
  1. Certain bookings cannot be accepted without a security deposit. This deposit is payable in advance and may not be returnable if rules are flouted or damage/breakages occur. Due notice for this deposit will be given at the time of booking and its imposition and subsequent repayment in whole or in part is entirely a matter for the discretion of the Association’s Management Committee.
  1. The Hall including the kitchen, toilets and ancillary areas shall be left clean and tidy. Any damage or breakage to the Hall, its equipment, furniture, utensils etc. shall be promptly reported to the Lettings Secretary and must be made good at the expense of the hirer. All rubbish must be removed and placed inside Village Hall wheeled bins immediately at end of hired period. No alterations shall be made to the heating or lighting arrangements.
  1. All property of the hirer must be removed at the end of the hire period. No part or space within the Hall shall be used for storage of equipment without the express permission of the Committee. No keys to lockers or cupboards or understage space shall be held except with the authority of the Committee.
  1. No intoxicants shall be allowed on the premises without the permission of the Village Hall Association. The function shall terminate not later than the agreed time. Neighbours must not be disturbed by noise, loud music or by any other inconvenience.
  1. The Hall is licensed to seat 200 people and this number must not be exceeded. Seats must be arranged so that there are completely free gangways of three feet at both sides and in the centre. If small tables are used the number of seated people must not exceed one hundred. These are fire regulations and must be carefully observed.
  1. During readings, music, stage plays and the like there shall be no infringement of copyright whatsoever and the hirer is fully responsible for ensuring that this condition is observed. If the Hall is required for a stage play, special application shall be made to the Committee and the Hirer may be required to sign a list of additional conditions.
  1. All chairs, tables and trestles must be returned to storage spaces after use. Failure to comply may incur extra charges.
  1. No smoking is allowed in any part of the Hall premises at any time.
  1. The Village Hall Association reserve the right to cancel the hiring without compensation for any loss occasioned thereby should the Hall premises be required for official or election purposes.
  1. The hirer shall not hold or seek to hold the Village Hall Association Limited liable for any loss, injury or damage occasioned to the hirer or any persons entering the Hall during, or being concerned in, the performance, function or entertainment and will indemnify and keep indemnified the lckenham Village Hall Association Ltd from and against any claim or demand whatsoever and howsoever arising through the said hiring.
  1. Related to the above, please note that bouncy castles, fireworks – indoor or outdoor – and barbecues are not permitted under any circumstances.